Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Insurgencias botánicas: Phaseolus lunatus, 2017 / Installation view at JCAF / Courtesy of the artist / Photo Graham De Lacy
May 31 – Dec 7, 2024
JCAF / Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation
Johannesburg, South Africa

Ecospheres aims to address the topic of ecology, the environment, climate and the natural world through the concept of making-with (living with). Divided into three ‘atmospheres’: water, air and earth, encompassing ideas related to narrative, migration and indigenous knowledge, the exhibition is an immersive experience that includes installations of hydroponic plants, oceanic-inspired knitted textile, botanic photography, sound and meditative paintings of migratory birds.

Featured artists: Sutapa Biswas (India/United Kingdom); Ximena Garrido-Lecca(Peru); Mater Inicitiva (Peru); Bronwyn Katz (South Africa); Zayaan Khan & Coila-Leah Enderstein (South Africa); Rithika Merchant (India); Ernesto Neto (Brazil); Zizipho Poswa (South Africa); Jonah Sack (South Africa); Zina Saro-Wiwa (Nigeria/United Kingdom); Russell Scott (South Africa); Michael Tsegaye (Ethiopia)

Special projects: Wolff Architects (South Africa); Rebecca Potterton (South Africa)
Ecospheres forms part of JCAF’s second research theme: Worldmaking. The human drive towards meaning-making leads us to both consciously and unconsciously build our world from social conditioning, scientific rationality, artistic traditions and our own struggle for survival. Worldmaking refers to the ways we collectively make the spaces around us that we inhabit through symbolic practices. JCAF will explore this concept through a trilogy of exhibitions, along with an accompanying series of talks and publications.

May 31 – Dec 7, 2024
JCAF / Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation
Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Jimmy DeSana: Salvation
    Primary Information

    Salvation is a previously-unpublished artist book by Jimmy DeSana that he conceptualized shortly before his death in 1990. The publication contains 44 of the artist’s late photographic abstractions that quietly and poetically meditate on loss, death, and nothingness. Depicted within the works are images of relics, body parts, flowers, and fruits that DeSana altered using collage and darkroom manipulations to create pictures that are both intimate and other-worldly. (more…)

  • Critical Infrastructures
    Jun 12 – Aug 3, 2024
    Vi Per
    Prague, Czech Republic

    By definition, a critical infrastructure is one that is crucial for the operation of society and the economy. If it is threatened, a crisis situation may arise. However, such situations undoubtedly accompany its planning and construction, which involve political negotiation, economic transfers and the distribution of human resources. The construction of infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines or fibre-optic cable reflects the geopolitical situation of the time (more…)

  • Helena Uambembe: On the site of the Okavango
    Jun 7 – Jul 28, 2024
    Galerie Anton Janizewski
    Berlin, Germany

    The Okavango River demarcates the border between Angola and Namibia across a stretch of more than 400 kilometers. This boundary between the two countries is fortified by the thousands of crocodiles that live in the river. The uncle of Angolan-South African artist Helena Uambembe also once guarded this border. After fleeing civil war-torn Angola, he and the rest of Uambembe’s family lived on the southern side of the Okavango in what was then South West Africa as part of the 32nd Regiment of the South African Apartheid Army (more…)

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