Bente Geving, Youth Club II, Sandnes/Goađak, from the series Sør-Varanger Youth, 1990/2023 / Courtesy of the artist
Electrification, Ripples, and a Glass Plate
Sep 27 – Nov 12, 2023
Oslo, Norway

The exhibition Electrification, Ripples, and a Glass Plate reflects upon locational documentarian practices through photography and sound to investigate visible and invisible matters. The show spans more than a hundred years of photography history, bringing together intergenerational artists whose art has links to the region of Finnmark and territories in Northern Norway/Sápmi, where nation-state borders and the ruling of Russia, Europe, and the Arctic are both abstract, visible, and invisible depending on the point of observation.

Electrification, Ripples, and a Glass Plate presents photographic works by Bente Geving, Anne Lindgaard Møller, Morten Torgersrud and Ellisif Wessel and sounds, video recordings, drawings and photos by the Academy of Rhythmorphology (ARm) with contributions from Marielle van Dop, Miriam Jakob, Peeter Laurits, Margrethe Pettersen, Ina Otzko, Sakib Saboor, Torgeir Vassvik, Izabela Żółcińska, Marte Aas, Arjen Mulder and Signe Lidén.

Part of the artworks in the exhibition can be perceived as a continuation of the landscape tradition. However, they offer an artistic, concrete, indirect, informative, and metaphorical contribution to the place of ecology today concerning the climate crisis we are facing. Instead of looking for exhaustive conclusions, the exhibition intends to be open and suggestive on one end and exemplifying and informative on the other.