Enrico Vanzina, Variazione Drink, 2022
Enrico Vanzina / Variazioni Colours
Mar 18 – Apr 22, 2023
Biasutti & Biasutti
Turin, Italy

Biasutti & Biasutti Gallery presents for the second time at its premises a cycle of photographic works created by screenwriter, director, and writer Enrico Vanzina. Eighteen prints of various sizes characterized by: “images that lack a single vanishing point and that also for this reason appear pleasantly disorienting, in the sense that they require attention in order to be fully understood in their multi-layered references. They are images pervaded by an icy silence, real elegant contemporary still-lifes usable individually but designed to compose a series of ‘variations’ on icons of the reality in which we live, united by the use of pop colors,” writes Floriana Conte in the catalog presentation.

The importance of this exhibition is dictated by Vanzina’s ability to play with words and images to arrive at a message through which patterns, memories, people and experiences can be identified and reread. The Variations Colours artist describes his work as, “This colorful choice is not an afterthought. It is merely a Variation of Variations. In these photographs, patiently worked with digital and sketches of pictorial methodology, I wanted to avoid conceptual forms, focusing on the pure force of the images. Color, this time, serves to enhance the light of reality. Indeed of the Hyper Reality.”

    May 31 – Nov 3, 2024
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  • Shuang Li: I’m Not
    May 1 – Aug 25, 2024
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    New York, USA

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