Eric Bachmann: The One-Man Water Cannon Test / Publication
Eric Bachmann: The One-Man Water Cannon Test

Following several violent clashes between youths and city police in Switzerland’s largest city during the summer of 1968, the city council, in consultation with the state council, decided to purchase four modern water cannon vehicles, two each for the city and cantonal police. However, by doing so, the city council overstepped its authority and bypassed the municipal council. In the already politically heated atmosphere, the purchase immediately developed into a scandal and became a subject of controversy in the media. In spring 1969, journalists Robert Naef and Peter Fasler from the popular magazine Sie und Er wanted to take advantage of the readers’ great interest in this story. Together with photographer Eric Bachmann, the two reporters ventured to the cantonal police station in Wädenswil and placed themselves directly in the water cannon’s line of fire, thus producing the impressive photographs in this book, which are now being made public in their entirety for the first time. The one-man water cannon test contains unique contemporary documents that open a previously unseen perspective on the heated political atmosphere of the late 1960s in Zurich.

Protagonist: Robert Naef
Photography: Eric Bachmann
Werkhof Wädenswil 29 May 1969
Editors: Dominik Bachmann, Vieceli & Cremers
Text: Julian Denzler, Manuel Walser
Concept: Dominik Bachmann, Anina Gantenbein, Alberto Vieceli
Design: Dominik Bachmann
Print and Binding: Tallinn Book Printers, Estonia
Hardcover, thread-sewn binding, with jacket
220 x 330 mm, 160 pages
Grenita 135 g/m2
68 black and white images, language: English/German
1st edition of 500 copies
March 2023, ISBN: 978-3-907384-06-0

Eric Bachmann: The One Man Water Cannon Test

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