Eric Fischl
Eric Fischl / Complications
Jun 19 – Aug 30 2019
Spruth Magers
Los Angeles, USA

Eric Fischl Complications from an Already Unfulfilled Life showcases images of American society as seen through the lens of middle and upper class malaise, where figures routinely share space on his canvases, trapped in the midst of strained exchanges.

For over four decades, Eric Fischl has produced uncompromising images of American society, as seen through the lens of middle and upper class malaise. Figures routinely share space on his canvases, yet their gazes rarely meet; even when they do, through composition, pose and gesture, they are trapped in the midst of strained exchanges that in turn impel the viewer to examine his or her own relationships and sense of self. Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers are pleased to present Complications From an Already Unfulfilled Life, the first solo exhibition of Fischl’s paintings in Los Angeles in twenty-five years, and his first with the gallery.

Spruth Magers
Los Angeles, USA

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