Erica Baum, Fabrications / detail
Erica Baum: Fabrications
Three Star Books

Erica Baum, a New York artist known for her fresh and thought-provoking visual approach to photography, has undertaken a remarkable project titled FABRICATIONS in collaboration with Three Star Books. Over the span of two years, Baum meticulously composed a collection of more than one hundred and twenty delicate collages. Instead of using a traditional camera, she employed a high resolution scanner as her photographic tool, capturing the intricacies of her compositions. These scans were then reproduced on uncoated paper, adding a distinct tactile quality to the final pieces. The printed pages were then assembled at Three Star Books, bringing the project to life.

Baum’s inspiration for these collages derives from carefully chosen source material found within widely read sewing and craft publications. These periodicals, once popular in households across America, uphold a profound cultural importance and evoke a sense of significant remembrance. Through her artistic endeavors, Baum explores the juncture of art, photography, and the historical meaning encompassed within these magazines.

The resulting project manifests as a single volume composed of three interconnected “books”. Erica Baum ingeniously combines three different formats to create a cohesive whole, the books are nestled inside one another, and coupons are interspersed within the pages; these coupons, relics of a bygone era, were used to attract new subscribers to the magazines or to offer discounts for purchasing various items from gadgets to books…

In a time dominated by digitalization and virtual experiences, Erica Baum’s exploration into twentieth century materials becomes particularly relevant. By using American periodicals from the 1950s to the 1970s, the artist invites viewers to reflect on the evolving nature of publishing and the visual power of the printed medium.

At Three Star Books, our mission is to go beyond the conventional approach of reproducing a sequence, which is often seen in photography books. When collaborating with artists who employ photography, our aim is to create a unique and independent work of art that stands on its own merits. FABRICATIONS is a work of art by Erica Baum.