Maarten Van Mulken
Fashionclash Festival 2021
November 26–28, 2021
Fashionclash Foundation
Maastricht, The Netherlands

13th edition of the international and interdisciplinary Fashionclash Festival in Maastricht will take place from November 26–28, 2021 in Maastricht.

Interdisciplinary showcase and development fashion platform and a worldwide network of emerging fashion makers. We initiate, produce and present existing and new work of a new generation of fashion makers who research, reflect, contextualize and celebrate contemporary fashion (culture).

During the festival you can discover the work of a new generation of designers and artists from all over the world. The program with fashion presentations, exhibitions, theater and dance performances, short fashion films and conversations, shows projects that explore, contextualize and celebrate contemporary (fashion) culture. Participants of the festival belong to a generation of designers and artists who explore and question the boundaries of their discipline. With their works they move between the transdisciplinary domains of fashion, social design and visual arts.

The program consists of a selection from the submitted proposals and from the projects initiated by Fashionclash itself that are being developed in co-production with other organizations.

Festival is a project of Fashionclash Foundation that has been organized annually since 2009.

  • METAmorphosis / OGR Award
    May 17, 2023
    Artissima / OGR
    Turin, Italy

    Launched during the 2022 edition of Artissima, the METAmorphosis project is the second episode of Beyond Production – a conceptual platform born from the collaboration between Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT and Artissima, in dialogue with the OGR Award, with the aim of stimulating and promoting reflections on the most innovative trends in contemporary art. (more…)