Federica Patera & Andrea Sbra Perego
Federica Patera & Andrea Sbra Perego
A Double Interview
Beatrice Sacco

Federica Patera and Andrea Sbra Perego are two Italian artists and curators whose work and life are deeply intertwined, like the threads on their canvases. Their common practice develops from the study and use of language and crosses the limits of the written page, involving the environment around them.

Their work is poetically layered and connects visual arts, linguistics, music and literature. It has no hierarchies and maintains the common goal of talking about human means of expression since the dawn of time, underlying its connection not only between countries and idioms but also between past and future. The collaborative duo was birthed in 2017 and since then Federica Patera and Andrea Sbra Perego have worked together as artists, using their knowledge to become curators as well. This month we had the chance to talk with them and go into detail about their personal and collective work.

With our work, we aim to shape the creative process: what is represented is not the content of the stories, but the transformation process that leads reading to become writing, and vice versa. –Federica Patera & Andrea Sbra Perego

  • Mara Palena: Oikeiôsis
    Witty Books

    The knowledge of one’s inner self as the sole tool for self-fulfillment, for stoically embracing the human condition in all its turmoils – that is what ancient Greeks used to call Oikeiôsis. The same word was chosen by Mara Palena to call a project that unfolds over the duration of existence. The analog images shot by the artist from her childhood to today do not follow any external precept. (more…)

  • What is Truth?
    Feb 17 – Oct 20, 2024
    Sainsbury Centre
    Norwich, UK

    This year, the Sainsbury Centre is investigating how we can know what is true in the world around us through a series of fascinating, interlinked exhibitions. The dynamic 2024 programme consists of four key, interlinked exhibitions – In Event of Moon Disaster, Liquid Gender, Jeffrey Gibson: no simple word for time and The Camera Never Lies – bringing together some of the world’s leading artists and creative thinkers, plus a new, interlinking publication. (more…)

  • Mona Kuhn: Between Modernism and Surrealism
    Apr 4 – May 11, 2024
    Edwynn Houk Gallery
    New York, USA

    Edwynn Houk Gallery presents Mona Kuhn: Between Modernism and Surrealism, an exhibition of 7 solarized photographs by Mona Kuhn from her series Kings Road in dialogue with artworks by masters exploring surreal representation, including Man Ray, Láslzó Moholy-Nagy, Dora Maar, Erwin Blumenfeld, and Bill Brandt. The show is on view from April 4 – May 11, with an opening reception with the artist on Saturday, April 6 from 3-5pm. A walk-through of the exhibition with the artist and Darius Himes, International Head of Photographs at Christie’s, will begin at 4pm. (more…)

  • Betty Bee: Nacquero A Napoli Improvvisandosi
    Apr 7 – Jun 7, 2024
    Milan, Italy

    Strictly brunettes. Indeed brunette one, brunette the other.
    Capricious by poetics the first by birth, smooth as a straight line the second. The birthplaces of both are Parthenopean. As for one rooted on the cliffs of Posillipo where she also spent the resilient months of the recent Pandemic, while the other belongs to that blood material that protrudes into the vessel of the great swarming artery of Via Foria and its labyrinthine environs, where she still resides. (more…)