Festival Exister 2019, La madre folle / Giada Vailati
Festival Exister / Beauty
Oct 19 – Dec 15, 2019
Milan, Italy

Festival Exister, dedicated to the theme of beauty, returns to Milan for the 12th consecutive autumn, taking place between the spaces of DANCEHAUSpiù and the Teatro Fontana.

Every show in this new edition is a bright spot on beauty, on the dramatic, transformative and empathetic power of movement. The body is told in all its dimensions beyond the labels and discrimination of all kinds to rediscover, through some of the most representative artists of the Italian contemporary dance scene and beyond.

  • Anicka Yi: A Shimmer Through The Quantum Foam
    Sep 15 – Oct 21, 2023
    Esther Schipper
    Berlin, Germany

    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce Anicka Yi’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Entitled A Shimmer Through The Quantum Foam, the exhibition features a series of unique animated pod sculptures that pulse and undulate, casting their flickering light across the surfaces of luminous algorithmically-generated paintings. Below this suspended constellation of bio-techno lifeforms, the soft glow of an aqueous ooze – indicative of life’s marine origins – sprawls in a shallow crater in a built up section across the gallery floor. (more…)