Fight Against the Sea Rise / Andrea Stefanelli
Fight Against the Sea Rise
Participatory Public Action / Andrea Stefanelli
Chiara Causo

According to Arnold Gehlen, one of the fathers of Western anthropology, man comes into the world incomplete and imperfect, incapable of surviving in nature due to his multiple limitations. However, over time and with intelligence he learns to survive thanks to a complex system of acquiring knowledge that allows him to bend the supernatural force of the environment to his will, finally making himself the protagonist of his own destiny.

From the beginning of man’s evolutionary process, from our very distant predecessors to the present, it seems that this spasmodic attempt to control the entropic force of nature has led to more or less unexpected consequences.

Man, having become inescapably dependent on what nature offers him, has not only managed to manipulate her to his advantage, but has poured her over the millennia into a state of extreme suffering that sees her sometimes gaining the upper hand, rebelling against man, and sometimes instead retreating, making herself no longer available, refractory to those who have for too long exploited her resources. Mother Nature is now the protagonist of a dichotomy in perpetual oscillation between uncontrollable extension and reduction of her power.

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A light-hearted project that of the artist, playful, almost sweetly childish who takes on an immense responsibility: that of making us aware of our ability to reverse the fate of the world, to change the system, to remedy the mistakes of our parents with the enthusiasm of a child to whom one cannot say no. Andrea Stefanelli gives us a traveling metaphor, an ongoing commitment, which, hopefully infinite, allows us to take us far away, as all man’s great dreams have done thus far.

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