Nao Yoshigai / Across the Water, film, 2017
First Lingering Mist of Spring
Feb 23 – Mar 24, 2019
TOKAS Tokyo Arts and Space
Tokyo, Japan

One way of expressing the seasons is the concept of “72 Micro-seasons” from ancient China. Each season name refers to changes shown by the weather, plants, and animals. This concept was adopted in Japan during the Edo Period, when it was partially revised by calendar scholars to match Japan’s landscape and climate. This exhibition opened in late February, which is called “Kasumi Hajimete Tanabiku,” or “Mist Begins to Linger.”

During this time, the cold, dry air steadily becomes moister, and the distant scenery appears hazy. The humid air combines with floating dust and other substances, which transform the light. The three artists in this exhibition sensitively perceive these slight, ordinary changes with their bodies and create layers to depict brand-new scenery in the exhibition space.

With artists Nao Yoshigai, Yu Nishimura, and Masaharu Sato.