First Look 2022
Feb – Mar 28, 2022
Panopticon Gallery
Boston, USA

Every photograph tells a story. When part of a body of work, the photograph takes on new meaning, becoming part of a bigger and more complete narrative. A portfolio allows the photographer to explore the complexities of their subject, and provide context that gives it richness and meaning that is more than the sum of its parts. Panopticon Gallery is pleased to announce First Look 2022 our annual juried portfolio showcase, where five portfolios have been selected for the exhibition.

“ “The Empty Nester” explores the fictional story of Berty: a woman of a certain age struggling to understand her value outside of the confines of domestic life in 1950’s Suburbia. Living in a decade enthralled with youth culture and a burgeoning baby boom, Berty questions her identity and purpose beyond her expected roles of wife and mother…” –Bamby

“In this project, I use nature as a poetic tool to narrate a personal story. I visualize the harsh and unknown landscape of mourning. I materialize the nature of sadness and loss. I show her intense desire to reverse the cruel truth by adding some negative prints to the story…” – Miranda Schmitz

“During this tumultuous time, I am overwhelmed by my desire to escape into the imaginary world of my youth. Impossible Diamonds is a deeply personal exploration of the places I know by heart. Each image, a sensory trip into the natural world, offering mystery, magic, and healing.” –Diane Hemingway

“I had always dreaded the self-consciousness that came with my children’s adolescence. One of my greatest joys has been to watch my two sons passionately explore their world and realize their intrinsic goals–such as tasting fresh snow or feeling like a superhero or running spontaneously through a garden–without the limits of self-consciousness or the pressures of expected behavior in society…” –Laurie Swope

“In my series Hold Me Tight, I explore moments of vulnerability and intimacy between my husband and two teenage sons, often while on family vacations in nature. A kind of sensory aliveness takes hold and I see their changing bodies, in adolescence and midlife, register so much feeling…” –Allison Plass

Opening Reception: Thursday February 3rd 2022, 6pm-8pm

  • The NEST Collective. Stories of Our Lives
    Sep 30, 2023 – Feb 4, 2024
    Athens, Greece

    EMΣΤ is pleased to present Stories of Our Lives: in Search of Queer Sanctuaries, a site-specific installation by the multi-disciplinary Nest Collective created especially for the Museum. Through their long-term engagement with Kenya’s queer and cross-identity community, the collective has witnessed the violent, discriminatory treatment that Kenyan, African and Black people continue to face, the resistance and strategies deployed to counter it, as well as the collective, eternal determination to hope and fight for a better future and equal rights. (more…)

  • Reuben Gordon: You Already Know
    Nov 4 – Dec 16, 2023
    Baert Gallery
    Los Angeles, USA

    Baert Gallery is pleased to present You Already Know, an exhibition of new paintings by Reuben Gordon, his second solo show with the gallery. In this series, Gordon’s painterly range in oil, pastel, and charcoal limns processes expressionistic and mathematical, photographic and gestural. Images emerge from a period of transition and experimentation that meander from the Pacific Coast Highway to the Florida Everglades and Seoul, South Korea, as the artist makes his way home to New York City. (more…)