Valentine Bo
Foam Talents 2019
Jan 13 - Mar 3, 2019
Foam / Foam Next Door
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Foam is launching a new pop-up venue: Foam Next Door. In this former office space – two doors down from the museum – Foam presents the brand new exhibition Foam Talent 2019, with works from a new generation of visual artists.

The 20 selected photographers give insight as to the position of contemporary photography today. These upcoming photographers cross the borders of the photographic medium with striking ease. Object installations in which the experience of the work is just as important as the aesthetic value are as readily found as classic two-dimensional photographs, while archival materials continue to play an important role, together with multi-layered, long-term research.

Artists include Valentine Bo (Ukraine), Jalan & Jibril Durimel (France), Sophie Gabrielle (Australia), Takashi Kawashima (Japan), Senta Simond (Switzerland), Salvatore Vitale (Italy) and Carmen Winant (United States), among others.