Gabriella Torres-Ferrer, Mine Your Own Business (8), 2022 / Copyright The Artist, Photo Dirk Tacke
Forking Paths
Feb 2 – Apr 6, 2023
Max Goelitz
Munich, Germany

With Channa Horwitz, Brigitte Kowanz, Jenna Sutela and Gabriella Torres-Ferrer, Forking Paths unites four artists for the first time whose mutual interest lies in the connection between art and technology. In historical and recent works, this group exhibition demonstrates their central engagement with codes, data, patterns and language, which each of them interpret and transform individually, sometimes creating distinct systems.

“I’m very curious about things beyond the reaches of human reasoning, and I’ve tried to interfere with language and symbol (systems) – for example, by the ingestion of slime mould – and through computational processes in other works to try to sense the world in some other, more direct way, if possible, or from a non-Anthropocentric view, which is, of course, very difficult for a human.” –Jenna Sutela

The exhibition was realized in collaboration with Lisson Gallery from London, New York, and Shanghai and Embajada from Puerto Rico.

  • Atiéna R. Kilfa: Special Effect
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    Den Frie
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  • Booooooom Art & Photo Book Award 2024
    Deadline Jun 7, 2024

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