Monika Grzymala, Maze_VR_one,two,three,four, 2018. Photo Hendrik Zeitler
Fragmented Realities
Jun 7 – Aug 18, 2019
Goteborgs Konsthall
Gothenburg, Sweden

In the oscillation between microcosm and macrocosm, chaos and order, dissonance and harmony, disintegration and structure, is the core of this group exhibition presenting the works of five artists, Monika Grzymala, Anastasia Ax, Alina Chaiderov, Henrik Håkansson, and Serina Erfjord.

In the natural sciences, scientists have succeeded in breaking down living systems into their smallest constituents: genes and molecules. The human body has been split into billions of fragments, giving us unique knowledge of life and man. At the same time it’s just a perception of the complex system constituting the whole. To understand how everything is connected we need to see how the big and small interact.