Friedrich Einhoff, 100+
Friedrich Einhoff / 100+
Kerber Verlag

The catalogue Friedrich Einhoff. 100+ includes 100 works on paper by the Hamburg-based artist Friedrich Einhoff (1936–2018) as well as 32 further works on canvas dating from various periods of his work. Einhoff’s pieces, which employ a wide range of painting and drawing techniques, all revolve around the central image of humankind and its ambivalent and fragile nature. Anonymous traces of figures, torn off fragments of bodies and facial contours oscillate between concentration and dissolution and speak to an image of humankind that is subject to constant change. In their alienation, displacement and fragmentation, in their isolated juxtaposition, his figures search for their sacrosanct state of being.

LEVY Galerie, Berlin/Hamburg

Text by
Belinda Grace Gardner

Design by
Claas Möller, claasbooks, Hamburg

April 2023
ISBN 978-3-7356-0926-7
16.6 × 24 cm / 96 pages
132 colored illustrations, Hardcover
Languages: German, English

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