Ekaterina Anchevskaya / From a Country, Which
From a Country, Which / Из страны, которая
Russia 2013–2022
Ekaterina Anchevskaya
Publication / International

Where home is left, now they recruit for war. Where childhood had remained, people report each other. They say the country is surrounded by enemies, and the common response to any doubt is “I am out of politics.” Every time we ask how this could happen. Among the most dear, the most alien and horrifying arose. Monotonously and subtly pervading everywhere. Those who care, can’t turn a blind eye.

Archives 2013-2022

On 11 October 2023, during a session of the Golovinskiy court, the prosecutor requested a forensic psychiatric examination of human rights defender Oleg Orlov due to his “heightened sense of justice and complete lack of self-preservation instinct.”

Self-published and handmade, first edition of 100 books with 63 photographs from different times and places across Russia.

The book was put together to stop and look closer at how among the dearest of homeland the most terrible things arose.

As a reference to Russian censorship of certain authors, the book comes wrapped in black paper.

Из страны, которая / From a Country, Which
Ekaterina Anchevskaya
Hardcover, 21 cm x 23 cm
Numbered and signed
Photographs are accompanied by captions in English and an introduction in both English and Russian

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