Filip Bojovic, Turbo Dioxide
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The new emerging artists selected for 2023 has been announced. The FUTURES platform members have selected a promising group of almost 100 artists with heterogeneous backgrounds and creative visions, who will have access to an unprecedented network of professionals, markets and audiences. In total, FUTURES now supports around 450 artists.

Each year, FUTURES platform welcomes a diverse group of emerging artists from around the world to participate in a long-term program that provides numerous opportunities for them to develop their projects and advance their careers. Through the program, they will have the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the art world and build valuable relationships, fostering collaboration and creating opportunities for cross-cultural exchange.

This collaborative approach is helping to build a stronger European art network and create a more vibrant and dynamic art world that reflects the diversity and creativity of Europe’s many cultures and communities.

FUTURES is a Europe-based photography platform bringing together the global photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging artists across the world. Since 2017, it aims to add long term value in empowering early and mid-career photographers – launching initiatives to promote their work and granting them access to an unprecedented network of professionals, markets and audiences.

FUTURES seeks to encourage new and adventurous ways of enhancing the vital relationship between artists and the industry by creating an ecosystem that allows and stimulates cross-pollination, whilst simultaneously becoming the go-to source for emerging photography worldwide. FUTURES has grown from 13 to 19 members, covering the full scope of the European contemporary photography landscape. The platform currently draws from and collaborates with a consortium of the following art institutions across Europe to amplify emerging talents in photography: CAMERA Centro Italiano per la Fotografia (IT), Centre Photographique Rouen Normandie (FR), Copenhagen Photo Festival (DK), Triennial of Photography Hamburg (DE), Der Greif (DE), FOMU (BE), FOTODOK (NL), Fotofestiwal Lodz (PL), Fotogalleriet (NO), Fotograf Magazine (CZ), Fotografska Udruga Organ Vida (HR), ISSP (LV), PhotoEspaña (ES), PhotoIreland (IE), Photo Romania Festival (RO), Plataforma de Fotografia Ci.Clo (PT), Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (HU), Void (GR) and our research member, Eurokleis s.r.l. (IT).

FUTURES organizes a series of events across Europe within each of its member countries, online activities to professional and artistic development, and collaboration between art professional and our talents. Every year, they are all brought together at the Futures main event in the second semester. In this annual event, Futures offers workshops, portfolio reviews, coaching sessions, exhibitions and more.