Greg Lin Jiajie, Before the Storm
Greg Lin Jiajie / Homecoming
Feb 3–6, 2023
Studio 59
London, UK

Homecoming is a contemporary exhibition showcasing photographic prints created through the years by lens-based artist Greg Lin Jiajie showcasing his voyage back home. The exhibition is curated on the grounds of sentimentality. Greg takes inspiration from his motherland, where he grew up with his identical twin brother; the artist seeks to build a sense of home for everybody. Homecoming is also a peaceful protest against the rapid industrialization of the artist’s hometown, putting the community at risk of being left behind.

Greg Lin Jiajie is a Chinese artist based in London. Noted for his intimate approach to photography, Greg’s work displays a strong sense of narrative throughout, from documenting life in his hometown Fujian to self-portraits with his identical twin brother. Greg treats photography as a profoundly personal and emotional experience. As an inspiring lens-based artist, he has participated, contributed and featured in art exhibitions, media and publications worldwide and earned significant praise for his work.