Bernice Nauta
Hello Echo / Bernice Nauta
Nov 1 – Dec 1, 2019
1646 / Art Space
The Hague, The Netherlands

1646 is delighted to present the new ambitious installation by Bernice Nauta. Her exhibition Hello Echo is an exploration of authorship, repetition and plurality within one’s psyche.

What does authorship mean when behavior is often copied? With Hello Echo, Nauta shows a double of the same exhibition at 1646, an echo in and of itself.

Narcissus and Echo represent the precarious nature of ‘Self’ that Nauta explores. The former being in love with his own reflection, the latter only able to express herself with the words of others. In Hello Echo, Nauta acknowledges the plurality of identity(ies), which allows the Self to be approached as something amorphous, a recurring theme in Nauta’s work across the board.