Akram Khan Company, Jungle Book reimagined, Camilla Greenwell
Helsinki Festival 2024
Aug 15 – Sep 1, 2024
Various Locations
Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Festival programme is complete: Dance work by Akram Khan Company, Khovanshchina conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen and a Lauri Porra‘s composition for 125 bass voices. The confirmed Helsinki Festival programme includes, for example, dancer-choreographer Akram Khan’s breathtaking contemporary dance work Jungle Book reimagined and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s new concert version of the opera Khovanshchina, conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen. The highlight of the 35-year-old Night of the Arts is Lauri Porra’s free of charge music experience in Senate Square, featuring over 100 bass instruments.

This year’s international dance performance at Helsinki Festival is Jungle Book reimagined by the acclaimed dancer-choreographer Akram Khan, known for his current themes and imaginative, complex works. This contemporary dance work is based on Rudyard Kipling’s beloved classic Jungle Book, reinterpreted through the themes of climate change and migration. The show will feature ten top international dancers as well as breathtaking animation and stage art.

  • Maria Sturm: You Don’t Look Native to Me

    In 2011, Maria Sturm began to photograph the lives of young people from the Lumbee Tribe around Pembroke, Robeson County, North Carolina. Through the process of documenting their lives, Sturm began to question her own understanding of what it means to be Native American. Her new book You Don’t Look Native to Me combines photographs with interviews and texts to preconceptions and show Native identity not as fixed, but evolving and redefining itself with each generation. (more…)

  • Ian Waelder: Here not today
    Apr 18 – Jun 9, 2024
    Super Super Markt
    Berlin, Germany

    I. Language

    We could say that this exhibition begins with the artist’s daily walk to buy the newspaper at a kiosk. In his book The Practice of Everyday Life, Michel de Certeau describes the city as a text shaped by the people who walk in it daily. A vast text we write with our steps but cannot read – “the networks of these moving, intersecting writings compose a manifold story that has neither author nor spectator (more…)

  • Yuwei Tu: Wherever Your Mother’s Shadow Falls
    May 4 – Jun 15, 2024
    Rusha & Co.
    Los Angeles, USA

    Rusha & Co. is pleased to announce Yuwei Tu: Wherever Your Mother’s Shadow Falls, the inaugural solo exhibition by the artist. Drawing inspiration from Ocean Vuong’s poem of the same title, this presentation of works echoes similar themes, exploring the complexities of self and felt emotion. Yuwei’s work examines themes of love, loss, and solitude. Wherever Your Mother’s Shadow Falls is an ode to maternal relationships, an introspection of consciousness and a slow contemplation of self-acceptance. (more…)