Hoang Le, Volailles de Vo Xa, 2018
House of Strength
Sep 25 – Oct 17, 2020
AEDAEN Gallery
Strasbourg, France

The artistic collective Eaux Fortes presents a major exhibition at AEDAEN Gallery in Strasbourg, France, entitled Maison de Force (House of Strength). This event offers an artistic, reflective, sensitive and aesthetic journey, off the beaten track.

In an immersive scenography which transforms AEDAEN into an actual house and place of living, 26 international artists and the committed collective question the various acceptions of “strength” as an imperative, and try to give to the “sensitive” a new place in the construction of our imaginations and our societies. The exhibited works dissect power relations, analyze the mechanisms of enslaving models, and identify ways to dismantle them, deconstruct them, and build up in resistance. For many, the practices of these artists appear as liberating magical recipes, which allow us to imagine our relationships differently.