Ștefan Câlția, The Cross of Beches, 2005
Impressions of a Lived Time
Dec 8, 2022 – Apr 16, 2023
National Museum of Contemporary Art
Bucharest, Romania

The exhibition is part of a comprehensive research on lesser-known painting and graphic works in Ștefan Câlția’s creative process. The curatorial approach at the MNAC proposes narrative structures inspired by visual discourse with an epic dominance and focuses, in particular, on works produced between 1965 and 1995. A retrospective gaze on this period reveals a conceptual and aesthetic consistency: browsing through the work, we notice a plurality of attitudes, rendered in compositions with zoomorphic creatures or monsters imagined in tenebrous landscapes, but also in landscapes, still lifes, or travellers – all of whom facilitate an understanding of the world and a regaining of balance in a troubled cultural, political, social and economic space.

We thus shift away from a comfortable reading and propose the rediscovery of Ștefan Câlția as an insightful, sometimes lively, sometimes extremely subtle commentator on the everyday life in which he shapes his work.

Curated by Alexandra Manole and Cătălin Davidescu

    Dec 1, 2023 – Mar 31, 2024
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