Marianne Andersson Embäck, Autonoma kamrater II, 2014
In the City Grows a Field
Oct 1, 2022 – Jan 15, 2023
Malmö Konsthall
Malmö, Sweden

This fall, Malmö Konsthall opens one of its largest group exhibitions in later years, featuring Malmö-based artists and the city’s dynamic art scene. The exhibition In the City Grows a Field contains works by 50 artists from different generations showcasing many artistic expressions. This teeming and rich presentation reflects art’s tenacity and integrity and the collective forces that create unique conditions for artists to work in Malmö.

The exhibition reflects the dynamic energy of the city, its attraction for artists to move to Malmö and stay there, the tenacity and integrity of art, and its network of alternative and artist-run exhibition spaces. The collective forces that create the conditions for artists to work in Malmö are highlighted: a unique collegial, artistic, and organizational situation that creates ripples on the water outside the city’s borders and the established art institutions.

In the City Grows a Field is a teeming and rich presentation with artists from different generations, working in different media and with various artistic practices. It is a meeting place for the different alternative scenes and collectives that exist in the city and its audiences. The exhibition includes a multitude of techniques; painting, sculpture, and photography, installations and conceptual works, as well as political and social works.

The collective as an artistic practice is highlighted in the work ON-HOLD which includes about 20 artists in addition to the artist and initiator Johan Nahoj. With In the City Grows a Field, Malmö Konsthall takes a comprehensive approach to how to reflect the city’s art scene as well as how to expand the format and practice of making an exhibition. The exhibition spans over time and generations and includes artists born in the 1940s as well as the 1990s.

  • 1 a 1 Affinità
    Nov 22, 2023 – Feb 29, 2024
    ON House Milano
    Milan, Italy

    1 a 1 Affinità is a group show celebrating the relationship between different artistic expressions and their surrounding context. The exhibition takes place at ON House Milano: a charming location in the heart of Milano, which used to be the Azucena workshop of Architect Caccia Dominioni.

    The combination of space, artwork, and the artworks between them invites the audience to discover, through research and observation, that “spark” of affinity generated by perception.

    The path follows the thin line that defines different artistic languages, such as figurative art and abstract art, but also performance, photography, NFT, happening, video and installation. And everything with the utmost respect to the historical heritage and design purpose of the house.

    This was, in fact, the toughest challenge for the curators Anna Kessler and Anna Niutta. They looked for the harmony within different poetics, and created a unique and unexpected domestic experience. An experience deeply related to the visible.

    Starting from the “Sleeping Girl” (yes, she will be actually sleeping in the bedroom of the house), the exhibition reveals a path through memories and people, mysteries and objects and colors and hopes. And in fact, isn’t the bed the one, true realm of imagery and imagination, dreams and visualizations?

    Every night, as we lay our day down, we practice the art of letting go. We leave our conscious thoughts, our rational mind behind, and we agree to see, and be seen  –  we accept to yield control. And as we do that, we gift ourselves to the domain of imagery  –  key and vehicle to those intimate, submerged places and spaces. At night, it is instinct and imagery that guide our experience.

    Research on the visible is a challenge to observation directed to the observer. There certainly is a real world that we know, but how much of this real world is exhausted in our sensory experience?

    Through the dialogue between works, the observer discovers similarities between different languages that ultimately prove to be distant only in appearance. Different artistic means manage to generate, through perception, a living impression in continuous dialogue with the observer.

    The common features, or affinities, between the different forms of expression appear very clear at times: the figurative often finds itself drawing from elements that are not properly its own, and the non-figurative struggles to disregard sensory reality that is also perhaps only an illusion.

    To what degree is our sensory perception conditioned by our inner state and to what extent is it – instead – influenced by our surroundings?

    The show will be featuring the following artists: Michele Dal Bosco, Louise Daniel, Giovanni De Benedetto, Laura Grinberga, Alessandro Grimoldieu, Rosanna Iob, Rebecca Loro, Guenda Nocentini, Carolina Pozzi, Maddalena Tesser, Maria Giovanna Zanella. With the precious contribution of Annalisa Iob. Everything was made possible by the vision of Fabio Tacchinardi.

    Curated by Anna & Anna
    On House Milano, Via Passione 8, Milan, Italy
    Vernissage by invitation only
    For more information:

  • Christina Quarles: Tripping Over My Joy
    Oct 10 – Dec 6, 2023
    Pilar Corrias
    London, UK

    Pilar Corrias is delighted to present a solo exhibition of new work by Christina Quarles this autumn. In this new body of work, Quarles continues to delve into notions of identity and representation, synthesising her study of drawing, experimental painting techniques and digital technology. Painted during the summer months, the light and colours of the L.A. sky bleed through Quarles’ palette. Lattice-like patterns and recognisable motifs such as swimming pools, sunsets and concentrated stripes are redeployed as intricate environments, rendering multiple layers of meaning within the work. (more…)