Lise Sarfati
In The Next Door Room
Photography of Lise Sarfati
Text by Javier Panera Cuevas

The awakening of adolescence has been a recurring theme that has always fascinated a great many visual artists; conflicts of identity, physical metamorphosis, psychological instability, emerging sexual and emotional sensations within young people are all themes which, in particular, have appeared in photography ever since it was first developed.

Beneath the aesthetic beauty of Lise Sarfati’s images, we can detect “anomalies,” and there is not a single attractive element in which an underlying threat is not more or less implied. In fact, one of the things which makes us most uneasy is the fact that – even in the scenes of blatant exhibitionism – most of the characters photographed seem distanced from our view and there seems to be an insuperable separation between their world and our own.

–Javier Panera Cuevas / Domus Artium Salamanca