Yoo Hwasoo, Zelcova in front of Building 2, 2023
Ingredients Mining
Aug 5, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024
BusanMoCA Platform
Busan, South Korea

Beginning in 2023 BusanMoCA Platform: Ingredients Mining is to be an annual program held by Busan Museum of Contemporary Art with the aim of exploring, manifesting, and disseminating ongoing social concerns and reflections on ecosystems and the environment, as we enter a period of global transition in which the future of society will be determined. Continually questioning the functions and roles of the “museum” as a public good, stemming from the inherent significance of the museum location on Eulsuk Island, and through an evolving process of collaborative work, integrating and expanding upon the varying fields of our creators, researchers, and technicians, the program represents the beginning of a long journey towards a “new agreement” between ourselves and nature.

Through living experiments, such as exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and seminars, and rooted in research and development across interdisciplinary fields, Ingredients Mining spotlights encounters and developments beyond conventional, standardized formats, proposing challenging new possibilities for exploration and innovation in art. Moreover, it represents a declaration of intent to create a dedicated process aimed at the advancement of coexistence and symbiosis, with profound respect for and humility towards the Earth’s environment and ecosystems. Interpreting the ingredients (analytical data and information) and products (social systems and infrastructure) as various social public goods, comprising open data, social analysis, and environmental research, through interdisciplinary collation, analysis, and integration beyond any boundaries of academia or art, it will provide a platform for the production and circulation of micro and macro “heritage” for the future benefit of all. Furthermore, it is both an attempt at an aesthetic evolution and an expansion of the social domains and roles of a museum located in a highly unique and important region, in response to the need for a transformative shift towards ecological convergence, and to safeguard the future of society.

Artists: Young Bird Care Center (Oh Jooyoung, Kim Doyeon, Kim Jungun), Connecting to Dead Trees (Yoo Hwasoo, Lim Jaehee, Lee Jeeyang), Collecting the Future (Zoh Hyunmin, Lee Kahyun, Shin Gyomyung)