Election Night and Inauguartion © Chris Suspect 2023-7
Insurrections. Photographs of a protest
Mar 1 – Jun 2, 2024
Flashback Habitat
Turin, Italy

This tripersonal photography exhibition, following an uneven path, tells, in alternating rooms, three times, three protests and three ways of documenting insurrection. Three are thus the symbols that identify the stories and the authors. The viewer’s gaze moves beyond ideologies, accompanied progressively toward the difference between thinking and doing something: the person who previously contested from the couch at home decides to take to the streets and change his own existence and that of others. One exposes oneself.

This exhibition thus becomes a stimulus for important reflections on one’s existential positions. From Chris Suspect’s street photography documenting political protests on Capitol Hill to Enrico Gili’s Yellow Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong to the resistance of American Indians in the 1970s recounted by Angelo Quattrocchi: three exhibitions for a heretical worldview (from the Greek αἱρετικός, “one who chooses”) to question one’s responsibilities as members of a community.

  • Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Primitive
    Mar 8 – Jun 2, 2024
    Hong Kong

    Marking the first time the work is displayed in Hong Kong, Primitive (2009) by Thai artist and filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul (b. 1970) is a multi-channel video installation that also incorporates two other short films and an artist’s book. It represents a pivotal moment in the artist’s career when the bridging of visual art, moving image, and cinema became a defining aspect of his practice. (more…)

  • Myriam Boulos: What’s Ours

    A searing, diaristic portrayal of a city and society in revolution by Magnum nominee Myriam Boulos. In her debut monograph, Myriam Boulos casts an unflinching eye on the revolution that began in Lebanon in 2019 with protests against government corruption and austerity – culminating with the aftermath of the devastating Beirut port explosion of August 2020. (more…)

  • Jorma Mueller: Restoration to a Better Past

    Restoration to a Better Past is a photography book by Jorma Mueller. In Jorma Mueller’s photography there is margin for a biographical hypothesis and glimpses of something that has been lost. A vision of the present as ebb and flow is almost inevitable in the experience of his work. Subjectivity is melancholic, and that melancholy contains the evocation that restores the legacy for which others risked their fate. (more…)