Kate Van Doren, Oración Por Las Desaparecidas, 2022
International FIKVA Award 2023
Deadline May 18, 2023
FiKVA / Figuratieve Kunst Vandaag
Antwerp, Belgium

The International FiKVA Award for painters 2023 is a global online competition, open to all artists age 18 or older, worldwide. It welcomes entries in all genres: modern, classical and imaginative realism, hyper-, photo- and surrealism – as long as the artwork reads as representational and not stylized or abstract.

The FiKVA – foundation (Figuratieve Kunst Vandaag) is a non-profit organization based in Antwerp. We are devoted to promoting contemporary realism and figurative arts. Gifted artists worldwide can enjoy our support.

The FiKVA – foundation aims to stimulate and encourage both emerging and well-established figurative artists. The artists of our tribe come from a broad spectrum of artistic backgrounds, practices, geographies and communities. Together we focus on empowering their art career, regardless of their level of commercial success.

The FiKVA – foundation also intends to create public awareness of representational and figurative art. We are committed to encourage interest in talented artists who lack adequate recognition.

Our mission is fine-tuned to recognize, celebrate, uplift, and promote talented figurative and representational artists. We do that by creating greater opportunities and exposure for and general interest in figurative, representational, and realistic arts.

Artpil periodically publishes submitted announcements of outside opportunities we do not administer. We recommend researching further prior to submitting, especially if entry fees are required.
  • Lutz Bacher: AYE!
    Oct 5 – Dec 17, 2023
    Raven Row
    London, UK

    This exhibition of the unsettling, uncategorisable work of American artist Lutz Bacher (1943–2019) explores her use of music, sound and voice. Bacher’s work oscillates between the conceptual and the visceral. Much of it involves appropriation, using material from American popular culture and flotsam from the information age (pulp fiction, self-help manuals, trade magazines, scientific publications, pornography, bureaucracy, discarded photographs), in work that can be intimate, violent or funny. (more…)