Zoë Paul, iii (2016)
IO / Blank Projects
May 6 – Jun 24, 2023
Blank Projects
Cape Town, South Africa

Blank is pleased to present lO, a group exhibition marking the gallery’s 10 year anniversary.
Featuring intimate and lesser known works by artists of the gallery, the show offers ways in which to view the artists’ practices from a different perspective while highlighting various stages of their creative production over the past ten years.

“Listen was made at Greatmore, when I still had my studio there. I found a roll of paper that another artist had discarded outside, exposed to the elements. When I unrolled it I found several layers of floral wallpaper. Using a heatgun, I burned the image of my face in profile into the paper. I tried to hide myself as much as possible in the paper’s pattern; almost like camouflage. At the heart of the work is a desire to almost disappear into the environment, be invisible while paying attention, observing and listening.” –Igshaan Adams

Artists: Igshaan Adams, Jared Ginsburg, donna Kukama, Sabelo Mlangeni, Kyle Morland, Gregory Olympio, Zoë Paul, Gerda Scheepers, Lerato Shadi, Kemang Wa Lehulere, and James Webb

  • Mikel Bastida: Anarene
    Tipi Photo Bookshop

    Anarene is a book that was born from an eight-year photographic project made by Mikel Bastida in the United States. In the spirit of referencing the ghost town in Archer County, Texas, portrayed in Peter Bogdanovich’s film adaptation of Larry McMurtry’s novel The Last Picture Show, the author has traveled the country looking for images and stories that cinema has left behind. (more…)

  • Adraint Khadafhi Bereal: The Black Yearbook
    4 Color Books / Penguin Random House

    When photographer Adraint Bereal graduated from the University of Texas, he self-published an impressive volume of portraits, personal statements, and interviews that explored UT’s campus culture and offered an intimate look at the lives of Black students matriculating within a majority white space. Bereal’s work was inspired by his first photo exhibition at the George Washington Carver Museum in Austin, entitled 1.7, that unearthed the experiences of the 925 Black men that made up just 1.7% of UT’s total 52,000 student body. (more…)

  • Jorma Mueller: Restoration to a Better Past

    Restoration to a Better Past is a photography book by Jorma Mueller. In Jorma Mueller’s photography there is margin for a biographical hypothesis and glimpses of something that has been lost. A vision of the present as ebb and flow is almost inevitable in the experience of his work. Subjectivity is melancholic, and that melancholy contains the evocation that restores the legacy for which others risked their fate. (more…)