Jacques Olivar
Jacques Olivar: Another Day in Paradise
Apr 27 – Jun 9, 2018
Photo House
London, UK

Photo House presents for the first time in Brussels, a selection of photography by Jacques Olivar and invites you to discover an exceptional journey of 30 years of photography. Today curators of contemporary art celebrate the work of Jacques Olivar, recognizing in his staging, inspired by literature or cinema, the subtle evocation of the unconscious desires of our time. Photography and Fine Art intertwine without borders: the suggestive work of Jacques Olivar is a pure example of this movement.

This exhibition reveals two aspects of Jacques Olivar’s work: Black and white that takes us into atmospheres inspired by neo-realist movements where looks, gestures, scales of grey make us penetrate into the emotional universe of the photographed characters; Color that, by using a palette that suggests the Technicolor of mythical cinema, evokes America’s chipped dream.

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