Jeamin Cha, Nameless Syndrome, 2022 / Video / Courtesy of the artist
Jeamin Cha: Freeze Response
Mar 1 – Apr 28, 2024
Salzburger Kunstverein
Salzburg, Austria

Jeamin Cha’s artistic practice forces us to search for a language that articulates pain beyond clinical terms. The focus of the exhibition is her essay film Nameless Syndrome, an exploration of the stories of the “undiagnosed” – those who suffer without a proper diagnosis, often women, whose symptoms are marginalized in a medical system characterized by patriarchal prejudice. Through personal interviews and a reflexive process of unlearning, she presents a critical examination of the ways in which illness and its narratives are constructed and understood within a capitalist framework. The choice of a dark blue ambience reinforces the clinical atmosphere and invites the audience to immerse themselves in the psychological landscape of those who are asked to be patient.

The film is accompanied by a series of drawings and a performance. The drawings embody Cha’s contemplative exploration of the material and immaterial aspects of illness and her attempt to visualize the mental states characterized by pain. The performance deepens the exploration of how our frames of understanding are shaped by medical vocabulary. Through reciting, Cha creates a space for connection: she invites the audience to engage in a sequence of words repeated one after the other by a performer until their meanings develop and change, in search of a language that can adequately express the complexity of the fight against the disease.

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