Jim Lambie, Horizon (Goldfinch), 2021
Jim Lambie / Buttercup
April 26 – May 22, 2021
The Modern Institute

The Modern Institute is pleased to host Jim Lambie’s latest solo exhibition in the Airds Lane and Bricks Space galleries. Lambie’s flair in realizing the potential of the everyday through upending our expectations of familiar objects and universal experiences distinguishes his prominent artistic output.

The exhibition’s title ‘Buttercup’ provides a pertinent introduction to the dualism that underpins his work, the source of which was graffiti that Lambie had seen, carrying with it an inherent hardness yet contradicted by the softness of the word. With this in mind, the latest reincarnation of his signature Zobop work (which returns to the city twenty-two years after its debut) establishes a meadow shimmering in varying yellows, chrome, black and white vinyl tape. Zobop’s concentric lines fill but don’t occupy space, instead accentuating the architecture to dazzling, rhythmic effect.