Jitish Kallat, Asymptote, 2021
Jitish Kallat / Tmesis
Nov 4 – Dec 18, 2021
Sperone Westwater
New York, USA

Sperone Westwater is delighted to present Jitish Kallat’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Entitled Tmesis, the exhibition links artistic, historical and scientific inquiries, interlacing the immediate and the cosmic, the telescopic and the microscopic, the past and present.

The main gallery features new double-sided, multi-scopic photo works titled Epicycles, 2020-21, begun during the pandemic as an intimate journal of hand-drawn notations; a ledger of seemingly incidental changes documented by the artist in his studio. Gradually these developed into large, layered photo works that weave together markers of change – a fallen stem, a crack in the wall or an abstraction beneath a chair. Kallat combines these familiar images with photographs drawn from the historic 1955 MoMA exhibition The Family of Man, which brought together hundreds of images from photographers around the world in the decade following World War II. Coalescing Kallat’s studio images with a glimpse of humanity from a distant time and place ultimately yields a composite portrait of time and transience. These meticulously produced lenticular images create an illusion of depth, further illuminating the notion of impermanence as images alternately appear and disappear while one circumnavigates each Epicycle. The verso of each work reveals images culled from the artist’s Integer Study drawings, installed nearby.