Joanna Piotrowska
Joanna Piotrowska
Jan 24 – Mar 7, 2020
Galeria Madragoa
Lisbon, Portugal

The images created by Joanna Piotrowska, whether captured in photographs, on film or which come to life in front of the viewer in the form of performances and installations, are wrapped in a sense of ambiguity, despite the fact that everything is clear and in plain sight.

The tension is triggered by the reversibility of the situations, gestures and actions staged, which focus on the suspended moment of an encounter between two realities, condensed into images that are never univocal, but can be interpreted in a sense or in the other. An encounter between two people, between those who perform and those who undergo an action, with an invisible enemy, between human beings and objects, and even when the protagonist is a single person, the gestures or the pose evoke a doubling, showing the essence of Joanna Piotrowska’s work to be found in the inner investigation and in bringing out the psychic mechanisms that operate in different contexts.