Jonathan Berger
Jonathan Berger
Jun 5 – Jul 17, 2021
Adams and Ollman
Portland, Oregon USA

Adams and Ollman is pleased to announce Jonathan Berger’s second solo exhibition with the Gallery. The exhibition includes a new series of text sculptures, each of which is a discrete line fragment, excerpted from his recent large-scale project An Introduction to Nameless Love. These pieces are presented alongside work he has included by two of his collaborators from that project – the photographer Margaret Morton (1948–2020) and homeless women’s advocate and activist Maria A. Prado.

Jonathan Berger’s large-scale project, An Introduction to Nameless Love, was co-organized by and presented at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard (2019), and Participant Inc., New York (2020), and produced in collaboration with Mady Schutzman, Emily Anderson, Tina Beebe, Julian Bittiner, Matthew Brannon, Barbara Fahs Charles, Brother Arnold Hadd, Erica Heilman, Esther Kaplan, Margaret Morton, Richard Ogust, Maria A. Prado, Robert Staples, Michael Stipe, Mark Utter, Michael Wiener, and Sara Workneh. The project chronicles a series of remarkable relationships, each built on an extraordinary connection that lies outside the bounds of conventional romance. Each of these relationships reaches the profound intensity and transformative experience often associated with so-called “true love” but does so through bonds based in work, friendship, religion, service, mentorship, community, and family, as well as relationships between people and places, objects, and animals. The project seeks to both interrogate and vastly expand societal considerations of what love can be, where it can be found, who and what can possess it, and its potential to shape experience.