Jorma Mueller, Restoration to a Better Past, 2022
Jorma Mueller: Restoration to a Better Past

Restoration to a Better Past is a photography book by Jorma Mueller. In Jorma Mueller’s photography there is margin for a biographical hypothesis and glimpses of something that has been lost. A vision of the present as ebb and flow is almost inevitable in the experience of his work. Subjectivity is melancholic, and that melancholy contains the evocation that restores the legacy for which others risked their fate. A physical, vital, experiential link with the world has eroded between the time of those anachronistic soldiers and that of the men and women of a taciturn river.

Restoration to a Better Past, and its set of mirrors, is the continuation of that aesthetic and personal search visible in Jorma’s previous works. However, the pieces that make up this book are not always imaginary refraction but an oblique truth that supports reality. In the construction of a narrative several texts can remain without any connection to each other until a new one turns them into something different from what they were before. The drift of time, memory, nostalgia for that world that could have been and that at the same time was, are the axis on which this publication rests. With Restoration to a Better Past, Jorma Mueller proves that nostalgia is aere perennius – and fragile and eternal as time.

Limited Edition of 300 numbered copies
28 x 36 cm
Folder with printed matter in various formats (nine parts)

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