Julia Woronowicz
Julia Woronowicz / Polska 2410
Dec 16, 2022 – Feb 10, 2023
Warszawa, Poland

Poland 2410 is a solo show of Julia Woronowicz’s works, a mockumentary imitation of an ethnographic exhibition. It tells the herstory of Poland seen from the perspective of four centuries that have passed since the present day and made it impossible to differentiate facts from fiction – artworks get confused with archeological artefacts, intuition with reason, truth gets caught up in the mythological narrative. Poland is now inexistent and thus can be reinvented, a task that is taken upon by Polish Americans living in 25th century. Among “archeological” artworks can be found illustrations of polish demonology, portraits of female state representatives and photographs of pagan rituals performed by the secret society of Amazons of the mazovian origins.