Kiki Smith
Kiki Smith / Monnaie de Paris
Oct 18, 2019 – Feb 9, 2020
By Ana Sonderéguer
Paris, France

This exhibition covering the works of Kiki Smith from the ’80s to today, presents several global and intimate themes, inviting us to reflect on our reality and our own personal views of the world.

Monnaie de Paris presents the first solo show of Kiki Smith in a French institution. Several pieces from 1980 through today are being displayed in a two level exhibition that explores the different techniques, interests and ideals of the New York-based artist. Walking through the retrospective, we learn that Smith was a committed feminist concerned with the human body, our relationship to nature, and both historical and fictional feminine characters. In the end, we leave the exhibition surprised at the artist’s mastery over the various mediums. Smith is perfectly aware of how bronze, glass, paper, or tapestries can translate different emotions and communicate a wide range of ideas, her choice of technique and materials deliberate with each instance.