La Memoria del Mondo, still
La Memoria del Mondo: Approdi
Mar 31 – Apr 2, 2023
Flashback Habitat
Turin, Italy

La Memoria del Mondo: Approdi, a movie directed by Mirko Locatelli and written with Giuditta Tarantelli, becomes an art installation for three days at Flashback Habitat in Turin.

Adrien, an art scholar and a biographer of the visual artist Ernst Bollinger, finds himself bogged down in the story he has written, a co-protagonist in the final chapter of the great artist’s life. Immersed in the rarefied atmosphere of a winter lagoon, the two men, accompanied by a young boatman, share the experience of a secular pilgrimage in search of a woman who has disappeared. They find themselves exploring unexpected interior territory and realize they are children of a shared memory.

The movie installation will be exhibited for three days in the new spaces of Flashback Habitat. The authors will be present at the opening event.

Flashback, art is all contemporary is an organic set of activities dedicated to art, from the Flashback Special Projects which take place throughout the year to the Flashback Art Fair, the art fair which takes place in the first week of November in Turin.

The project was born in 2013 with the aim of connecting, in depth, different temporal zones: the ancient, the modern and the contemporary in its making.

On one hand the name: Flashback, the upheaval of the narrative , through which “the elsewhere” is transported in the present, on the other hand the exhibition project: “all art is contemporary” inspired by the conceptual research of Gino De Dominicis on the subject of immortality of the artistic expression.

“Flashback,” declare Ginevra Pucci and Stefania Poddighe, “is an innovative and evolving format that focuses on the ability to look at what already exists, at what has been neglected, to reaffirm its existence and strength. We are interested in what has been forgotten. A fundamental mode of action especially in a historical moment like the present one where the lack of memory and attention undermine the construction of our future.”

Flashback Habitat is an Ecosystem dedicated to all Contemporary Cultures where art and life are linked in an indissoluble pair.

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