Laia Abril / Galerie Les filles du calvaire
Laia Abril / On Rape
A History of Misogyny
Nov 6, 2020 – Jun 27, 2021
Foam / Online

Foam presents On Rape: A History of Misogyny, Chapter Two by Laia Abril. With her work, Abril tells intimate stories that evoke uncomfortable and hidden realities and often deal with inequality between the sexes and oppression of women.

Spanish artist Laia Abril (1986) is the fourteenth winner of the Foam Paul Huf Award. This prize is awarded annually to a talented young photographer. The multidisciplinary artist uses photography, text, video and sound.

With On Rape: A History of Misogyny, Chapter Two, the artist presents a series of conceptual portraits and testimonies that together symbolize the current impunity of institutional rape. Abril tracks back the origin of the rape culture and its structures by creating a series of visual and audio methaphores; inviting the audience to experience her research journey.

Previous winners of the Paul Huf Award include Daisuke Yokota (2016), Alex Prager (2012), and Pieter Hugo (2008) among others.

The exhibition is made possible with the support of the Tim Hetherington Trust and the Magnum Foundation, and is a collaboration with Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire.