Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Aug 29, 2019 - Jan 4, 2020
Sfeir-Semler Gallery
Beirut, Lebanon

For his largest presentation to-date, the artist proposes 8 installations that span the last 7 years, including videos, prints, found objects, sound pieces… Describing himself as a “Private Ear,” Lawrence Abu Hamdan looks through his work into the political effect of listening.

Natq is a word that, in Arabic, can be used to refer to various speech-related acts. Its most basic understanding covers the physical action of speaking; but it can also mean speaking the truth. It can be used when passing a judgement or when speaking for someone and is used to describe the speech of reincarnated subjects.

The exhibition explores several cases which revolve around a moment of utterance, or Natq: it presents After SFX and Earwitness Inventory, which are both based on interviews Abu Hamdan’s carried out himself, as well as on material from legal cases from across the world. With these works, the artist proposes a library of sound effects that could retrieve memories of acoustic violence, and reveals a language of objects, that we do not yet speak.