Lawrence Carroll, Untitled (Flower Painting), 2017
Lawrence Carroll
Oct 8, 2022 – Feb 25, 2023
Buchmann Galerie
Lugano, Switzerland

Buchmann Lugano is delighted to open the exhibition dedicated to Lawrence Carroll. The opening reception in the presence of Lucy Jones Carroll will take place on Saturday October 8, 2022, from 5 pm.

The exhibition, the first that the gallery has organized since the artist’s untimely death in 2019, presents as its central work Untitled, 2015, which Carroll created especially for Buchmann Galerie Agra on the occasion of the gallery’s 40th anniversary. Composed of an expanse of roses sprinkled with pigments and dust, it seems to refer to a distant past, an elsewhere in which the artist accompanies the visitor by offering his personal floral tribute. Lawrence Carroll’s work, often on the borderline between painting and sculpture, is pervaded by a highly poetic feeling.

2016, while working in his Bolsena studio, the artist wrote a reflection on his artistic practice: “Painting is something different for everybody. Whether you look at it or make it. There is no one way to understand a painting and there is no one way in which it is made. This will forever always be. My paintings don’t come from the politics or turbulence of the world. My paintings come from moments almost lost in the passing day. I carry with me these moments, stored, buried away in a life that is passing, in hopes to rescue them and to give them the dignity they deserve”

Together with the large installation, a number of paintings and photographs will be on display, which are the last body of work created by the artist shortly before his death.