Thibaut Cuisset, Sur la RN20, Loiret, 200
Loire, Thibaut Cuisset
Nov 26 – May 22, 2022
Jeux De Paume / Tours
Tours, France

“Look at these places left aside, which have nothing spectacular but which are the basis of our countryside. To have a view of it ‘from here and now’ without patriotism, without nostalgia either or, if there is one, it would then be in the thing itself.” It is in these words that Thibaut Cuisset evokes the images that make up his projects. The landscapes of the Loire are a way of contemplating differently the beauty of a daily life that some no longer know how to appreciate. The photographer thus documents the balances and upheavals of these too often forgotten lands. For the first time, all of his work on the Loire will be brought together in one place. Among the pictures that will adorn the walls of the Jeu de Paume in Tours will be a new series on the subject. An exhibition to discover from November 26 to May 22, 2022 which finally gives back the visibility that these territories deserve.

“For me, it’s not about journeys in the romantic sense, autobiographical journeys or states of mind, but a method that allows me to work on what we can call patterns,” explained Thibaut Cuisset in 2004. Working in the photographic chamber and in color, Cuisset puts the temptation of the picturesque and dramatic effect at a distance, striving to pose a neutral and peaceful gaze on things and, in the words of the author, “to find a way to look at the world by creating the images that I believe are the most accurate possible.”