The Glasgow School of Art
London Design Biennale 2023
June 1–25, 2023
Somerset House
London, UK

Welcome to London Design Biennale – an interactive, musical and kinetic exhibition of design and design-led innovation from across the globe.

Bake bread, witness an AI Robot designing, weave a tapestry, get inside a space pod, find inner peace and visit a virtual garden.

40+ designers from around the world respond to the theme – The Global Game: Remapping Collaborations, Somerset House June 1–25, 2023.

London Design Biennale presents four medals to the pavilions that have contributed the most exceptional installations to the Biennale. Three Medals were awarded on June 1, selected by the International Jury and one medal was awarded on June 21, voted for by the public. The medals were designed by Shimmell and Madden and celebrate the Biennale’s tradition of cultural exchange and leading design solutions. The medal ceremony was sponsored by Avatr.

New for this edition EUREKA will showcase design-led innovation from the UK’s leading research centers, featuring cross disciplinary invention and creativity from academics, leaders and problem solvers.

The Artistic Director for 2023 is the Nieuwe Instituut, the Dutch national museum and institute for architecture, design and digital culture. Led by its General and Artistic Director, Aric Chen, the Nieuwe Instituut set the theme that aims to explore the biennale’s format of national and territorial pavilions by inviting participants to imagine and enact new forms of international cooperation and participation – including with each other – through the medium of design.

  • Anicka Yi: A Shimmer Through The Quantum Foam
    Sep 15 – Oct 21, 2023
    Esther Schipper
    Berlin, Germany

    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce Anicka Yi’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Entitled A Shimmer Through The Quantum Foam, the exhibition features a series of unique animated pod sculptures that pulse and undulate, casting their flickering light across the surfaces of luminous algorithmically-generated paintings. Below this suspended constellation of bio-techno lifeforms, the soft glow of an aqueous ooze – indicative of life’s marine origins – sprawls in a shallow crater in a built up section across the gallery floor. (more…)