Dancers Left to Right: Stephanie Halyburton, Harrison Ritchie-Jones, Lilian Steiner, Lee Serle, Amber McCartney, Deanne Butterworth, Ngioka Bunda-Heath, Claire Leske, Geoffrey Watson, Rebecca Jensen, Alice Dixon, Caitlin Mewett, Cora Hughes, Michelle Heaven, Georgia Rudd, Benjamin Hancock, Raina Peterson, Melanie Lane / Photo Gregory Lorenzutti
Lucy Guerin: NEWRETRO
Mar 25 – Apr 2, 2023
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
Melbourne, Australia

Drawing on twenty-one existing dance works from the past twenty-one years, NEWRETRO is a major durational performance installation by leading contemporary choreographer Lucy Guerin. It takes the form of a site-responsive choreographic work and installation occupying ACCA’s galleries.

NEWRETRO reconstructs fragments retrieved from Lucy Guerin Inc’s back-catalogue and relearnt by an ensemble of twenty-one dancers. The work’s score is both retrospective and speculative, condensing choreography from different time periods into the same temporal space, creating a living archive of new, corporeal gestures.

Capturing the physical imprint of several generations of dancers, NEWRETRO frames the material of the body within an embodied relationship to architecture and the subject. The performance unfolds over an extended three-hour duration, inviting audiences into a space at once intimate and spectacular.

Presented as part of Frame: A biennial of dance
21 works / 21 dancers / 21 years in the making

Choreographer Director:
Lucy Guerin

Alice Dixon, Amber McCartney, Antony Hamilton, Benjamin Hancock, Caitlin Mewett, Claire Leske, Cora Hughes, Deanne Butterworth, Geoffrey Watson, Georgia Rudd, Harrison Ritchie-Jones, Lee Serle, Lilian Steiner, Melanie Lane, Michelle Heaven, Ngioka Bunda-Heath, Raina Peterson, Rebecca Jensen, Samantha Hines, Stephanie Halyburton, Tra Mi Dinh

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