Mark Gonzales, Ready To Articulate, 2022
Mark Gonzales: Ready to Articulate
Feb 19 – Apr 3, 2022
Berlin, Germany

HVW8 Gallery is pleased to present Ready to Articulate, an exhibition of new paintings by New York based artist Mark Gonzales. This is Gonz’s third exhibition with the gallery and second in Los Angeles. Ready to Articulate is an exploration into the artist’s experimentation with color theory and mood inspired by classic portraiture.

The 50 paintings from this body of work were created during a period of extended lockdown with his family, and shows a continuing evolution of new techniques with familiar elements of playfulness and themes indicative of the artist’s multiple decade-long art practice. The varying subjects and icons intermix to create a space unique to the artist’s own mental universe. Ready to Articulate suggests a space, perhaps after a long meditative time, where the need to express and share ideas becomes vital and necessary.

The show also launches an exclusive collection of 3 skateboard edition artworks by Mark in partnership with THE SKATEROOM, which unites the world’s most influential artists with social skate projects around the world. This exclusive “hand-touched” limited edition release will direct 10% of all sales directly to empowering young people in Jordan via the 7Hills Skateboarding Project.

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