Martin Parr – Early Works
RRB Photobooks

RRB Photobooks & the Martin Parr Foundation are delighted to present Martin Parr – Early Works. The book covers the early part of Parr’s career, comprised of images shot between 1970 and 1984, mainly in the north of England and Ireland. The book contains many of Parr’s iconic early images, as seen in earlier publications such as Bad Weather and A Fair Day.

The work weaves Parr’s better known black and white work with over 20 previously unpublished images, adding new breadth and perspective to Parr’s prolific body of work.

The book is published to coincide with a retrospective of the work of Tony Ray-Jones, who was himself a huge influence on Martin Parr, RRB & MPF hope to add new context to Parr’s earliest photographs in publishing the two works concurrently.

Martin Parr – Early Works
Introductory text by Jeff Ladd
RRB Photobooks / Martin Parr Foundation
Hardcover, Blue Cloth,  30 x 25 cm,  144 pages, 2019