Martin Parr / Courtesy of the artist
Martin Parr: Short & Sweet
Feb 10 – Jun 30, 2024
Milan, Italy

With a focus on the world of reportage and documentary photography, the collaboration with Magnum Photos continues through the exhibition Short & Sweet by Martin Parr, which shows more than 200 shots including 60 medium and small formats chosen and selected by the author, and presented together with an interview made specifically for the show by the photography historian and critic Roberta Valtorta, to trace the career of one of the most famous contemporary photographers.

Through an itinerary that runs through his best-known projects, the unprecedented documentary style of the British photographer becomes a litmus test for observing contemporary society and its most contradictory aspects, without filters and outside of rhetoric. Starting with his early works in black and white, the exhibition is focused on themes that are dear to Parr – from ‘sea life’ to tourism.

Also on display is a selection from the Common Sense installation, with over 200 A3 photographs chosen among the 350 that were shown at the homonymous 1999 exhibition, which sardonically explore the plasticised and tawdry reality of the Western world.

  • June Clark: Witness
    May 3 – Aug 11, 2024
    The Power Plant
    Toronto, Canada

    June Clark: Witness is the first survey in Canada of the Toronto-based artist June Clark, who, since the late 1960s, has developed a unique and groundbreaking practice spanning photo-based work, text, collage, installation, and sculptural assemblages. Born in Harlem, New York, Clark immigrated to Canada in 1968 and subsequently made Toronto her home. The questions of identity formation and their connection to our points of origin fuel her practice. (more…)

  • Immemory
    Apr 12 – Jun 30, 2024
    Keelung Museum of Art
    Keelung City, Taiwan

    Immemory, “bē-kì-tit” in Taiwanese, is a memory project focusing on the “historical turn” in contemporary art over the past decade in specifically the local context of Keelung. The exhibition considers historical objects and facts as the “thing-in-itself,” aiming to explore Foucault’s concept of “historical a priori” through self-reflexive historiography. The project presents five leitmotifs: “archive fever,” “cold cold war,” “things as the historical a priori,” “politics of exosomatic memory,” and “settler colonialism vs colonialism.” (more…)

  • Ernest Cole: A Lens in Exile
    Jun 13 – Oct 12, 2024
    London, UK

    Offering a rare and reflective insight into the seminal South African photographer Ernest Cole, A Lens in Exile is the first exhibition of his photographs documenting New York City during the height of the civil rights movement in America. Best known for his radical images documenting the violence of apartheid, Cole fled South Africa in 1966 and was officially made stateless in 1968. (more…)

  • Joan Jonas: Good Night Good Morning
    Mar 17 – Jul 6, 2024
    New York, USA

    “I didn’t see a major difference between a poem, a sculpture, a film, or a dance,” Joan Jonas has said. For more than five decades, Jonas’s multidisciplinary work has bridged and redefined boundaries between performance, video, drawing, sculpture, and installation. The most comprehensive retrospective of the artist’s work in the United States, Joan Jonas: Good Night Good Morning traces the full breadth of her career (more…)

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