Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Owly on Stone, 2020
Mary-Audrey Ramirez: Unsolicited Awakening
Jun 5 – Sep 15, 2024
KAI 10 | Arthena Foundation
Düsseldorf, Germany

Mary-Audrey Ramirez (*1990 in Luxembourg City; lives and works in Berlin) creates imaginary beings that invade space by means of digital installations and sculptures made of fabric. Entrenched since her childhood in gaming – the pursuit of electronic video games – she lures us into her cosmos where virtuality and reality coalesce. Her apocalyptic, yet humorous pictorial language illuminates our pleasure in escapism as well as the immanent thrill of the potential of new technologies. For her solo exhibition in KAI 10 | ARTHENA FOUNDATION she has transformed the venue into an immersive sci-fi parkour flooded with specially designed sounds and light effects, similar to those experienced on launching a video game. During their visit, viewers are invited to play a video game she herself developed.

Mary-Audrey Ramirez studied fine art at the Berlin University of the Arts and has had solo exhibitions in the Casino Luxembourg (continuing until 28 April 2024), the Kunsthalle Gießen, the Dortmunder Kunstverein, the Overbeck Gesellschaft Lübeck, and at Trauma Bar und Kino Berlin. Institutions where she has participated in group exhibitions include the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, KAI 10 | ARTHENA FOUNDATION in Düsseldorf, Haus Mödrath in Kerpen, and Berghain in Berlin. She is represented by the Cologne-based gallery Martinetz.

  • Emily Ferguson: It Girl.
    Jun 1 – Jul 13, 2024
    Nicodim Gallery
    Los Angeles, USA

    What’s an It Girl? An image of an seraphic figure, glowing almost too bright to be looked at until the flashbulbs recharge and the cameras become visible. Glamoured, the viewer is still seeing spots and rubbing their eyes as the figure stalks out of view, no-one quite sure if she’s real or not, an apparition disappeared. An apparition, by its very nature is uncertain, the intention defined by the person who sees it – The angel becomes a monster if enough people describe it so. (more…)

  • Mary Heilmann / Daydream Nation
    May 2 – Jul 26, 2024
    Hauser & Wirth
    New York, USA

    “A body of work starts by daydreaming…” –Mary Heilmann

    On May 2nd, we will open ‘Daydream Nation’ at its 22nd Street gallery, exploring Mary Heilmann’s ongoing interest in drawing as a form of transcribing memory. Curated by artist Gary Simmons, Heilmann’s friend and former student and colleague at New York’s School of Visual Arts, the exhibition celebrates her talent for distilling complex images and ideas into deceptively simple geometric forms and abstract gestural marks. (more…)