Mariko Mori, Miko No Inori, video still, 1996 / Courtesy of the Artist and Sean Kelly Gallery, New York - Los Angeles
Material Girls and their Muses
Mar 22 – May 18, 2024
London, UK

Material Girls and their Muses is a group exhibition featuring the work of five female-identifying sculptors with material-led practices alongside their chosen muses. This exhibition, curated by Marcelle Joseph, is a restaging of an exhibition Joseph initially curated in 2014 in a disused space in the diamond district of London’s Hatton Garden. Appropriating Madonna’s 1984 theme song in the title, this exhibition interrogates both gender and the meaning of the muse. Muses throughout art history have been characterized as passive, powerless female models at the beck and call of a dominant, influential older male artist. This exhibition turns that romanticised definition of an artist and his muse on its heads: all featured artists identify as female, femme or non-binary, and the exhibition goes back to the ancient Greek origins of the word ‘muse’ when muses were far removed from being submissive feminine objects of desire. In Greek mythology, the Nine Muses were in fact brilliant, accomplished goddesses of the arts, humanities and sciences. These muses had their own agency to influence others. And in this exhibition, the chosen muses – all artists in their own right – serve as active, powerful agents of inspiration for the five featured artists from a younger generation.

  • Augusto Daolio: Uno Sguardo Libero
    Apr 12 – May 12, 2024
    Spazio Musa
    Turin, Italy

    Augusto Daolio: Uno Sguardo Libero is the new exhibition to be held at Spazio Musa from April 12 to May 12, 2024. Historical leader of Nomadi, Augusto Daolio was for several decades one of the most beloved singers of Italian music. The intent of this exhibition is above all to show how his figure as an artist, his poetics and his creativity were, even several decades ago, capable of interpreting the feelings of the younger generations, as well as anticipating. (more…)

  • Patrick Weldé: Freiheit
    Goswell Road

    On the occasion of our exhibition with Weldé at CFAlive Milan L’AMOUR TOUJOURS, we publish a new edition of the previously sold-out book that we produced with Weldé in 2017, FREIHEIT. All of the photographs in FREIHEIT were taken by Weldé on disposable cameras between 2011-2015. They show a tender side to the artist and his friend circle, and the purest form of trust. (more…)